The unique creation of Buffalo Bill

Die einzigartige Entstehung von Büffel Bill Ein nachhaltiger Erfolg Die Geschichte von Büffel Bill beginnt mit einem Zeitungsartikel. Die beiden Gründer Manuel Ruess und Martin Jaser erfahren dort, dass nur die weiblichen Wasserbüffel einen Wert für die H

A sustainable success

The story of Buffalo Bill begins with a newspaper article. The two founders Manuel Ruess and Martin Jaser learn there that only the female water buffalo have a value for the production of buffalo mozzarella. Their male conspecifics are either killed or kept under terrible conditions after their birth. The good news: These poor animals should finally find their saviors in Manuel and Martin. Full of zest for action, the two set about making buffalo meat known and coveted in Germany. Their idea was as simple as it was ingenious: by increasing the demand for buffalo meat, they created a world in which the rearing of the male water buffalo is also worthwhile.

Neat know-how

How good that Manuel had already completed a commercial traineeship at a supermarket, while Martin grew up in a butcher family And so already in his youth was able to gain a lot of experience on the subject of meat processing. Let's call that the perfect station wagon! In addition, both had business administration degrees in their pockets, which spurred their founding of a buffalo meat startup even more.

The search for the best partners

And then, in 2016, it finally came to the launch of Buffalo Bill. But there was one thing that Manuel and Martin had no idea about at the time: How do you actually find buffalo breeders who are ready To meet the high standards that Buffalo Bill promises its customers? It really wasn't easy, but they finally made it! In Germany and Italy, they have found partners who really know how to make buffalo happy.

The Italian buffalo live on the beautiful Amalfi Coast and feast on fresh grass and herbs all year round. The result? Tender meat with an incredible taste. The German buffalo, in turn, graze on pastures that seem to reach infinity, which gives their meat a mild, nutty note.

Just at the beginning

Buffalo Bill has now made a name for himself and is known for his first-class quality and commitment to sustainability. And despite all the challenges that the Covid-19 pandemic has brought with it, Manuel Ruess-now without Martin-has the wheel firmly in hand. The pandemic could Buffalo Bill through the Establishing your own online shop Cope. But Manuel does not see his goals achieved by a long way: "We are really only at the beginning. As Buffalo Bill, we want to win over society to rethink: Animal welfare and quality should come first when it comes to meat consumption, not the price!"

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Nachhaltiger Genuss mit einzigartigem Büffelfleisch Fleischgenuss mit Verantwortung – für Büffel Bill ist das eine Herzensangelegenheit. Unser Anliegen, hochwertiges Büffel- und Rindfleisch anzubieten, geht nämlich weit über rein kulinarische Aspekte hina
Natürliche Tierhaltung in der freien Natur Immer mehr Menschen mit ganzheitlicher Lebensweise ist es wichtig, sich bewusst zu ernähren. Das bedeutet, sie möchten wissen, was genau sie verzehren, wo es herkommt und wie es verarbeitet wurde. Gerade nachhalt