Buffalo Bill's garden speaker-with solar panel and ground spike

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aufladbar über USB-Anschluss oder Solarpanel

Gewicht: 395g, Leistung: 2x5 W, Größe: 16,7 x 7,7cm

Bluetooth 5.0

With the limited Bluetooth 5.0 speaker in the Buffalo Bill Design, you will ensure the right sound at the next barbecue party. The waterproof garden loudspeaker is simply inserted into the ground with the ground spike first and ensures excellent sound quality for many hours-as long as the sun is shining, the garden speakers are supplied with electricity.

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Michael & Sabine

Chef's knife Ajax

We have often noticed that the meat is of the best quality. We have now ordered the knife and are just as thrilled. This will definitely make preparing your next meat order even more fun ;)

Leyla H.

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Normally I support our regional butcher, but they simply can't keep up with what Büffel Bill offers - so I gave my uncle a voucher for his birthday and he was very happy.


Buffalo Bill Hoodie

My father is a loyal customer and received the hoodie from us for Christmas. We were thrilled with the quality and look and he has a new outfit for colder barbecue evenings - perfect gift :)