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"Wir stehen für Produkte von beispielloser Qualität und Natürlichkeit, die unter höchsten ethischen Standards erzeugt werden, um langfristig zu einem nachhaltigeren Planeten beizutragen!"

who we are

Behind Büffel Bill is the team around our founder Manuel Ruess. The idea of founding Buffalo Bill came about after we read in a newspaper article about how to deal with male, young buffaloes in the mozzarella industry. Since the male young animals do not give milk for mozzarella production, they were disposed of for a long time immediately after birth, or raised under adverse conditions without breast milk and sufficient exercise. It was clear to us that things had to be done differently and that these gentle animals could be spared their fate. It was therefore our wish to make a contribution to sustainable and ethical meat consumption so that the customer gets to know and appreciates the meat from the water buffalo. In the course of intensive research, we found that buffalo meat has been enjoyed in much of the world for centuries and it is an absolute delicacy. Internationally respected experts in the catering industry confirmed the quality and unique taste of the buffalo meat several times.

Our vision is to introduce the consumer to conscious meat enjoyment. In our production we follow the “nose-to-tail” principle by trying to process the complete buffalo. We don't like to speak of precious pieces, because in our eyes every piece of meat is equally good if you know how to prepare it.



We at Büffel Bill do not compromise when it comes to providing our customers with qualitative and unique taste products. At the same time, we attach great importance to making a contribution to sustainable meat consumption and ethical animal husbandry. That is why we look particularly closely at the breeding conditions of our partners.

Our Italian partners

For a long time we were looking for suitable partners to find the best, most natural and high quality premium buffalo meat. In the meantime we have won the world's most renowned buffalo breeders as exclusive partners in Germany, Italy and Argentina. Our partners put the highest priority on treating and growing the buffalo stress-free and to the highest standards. Our Italian buffalo stand outdoors all year round along the Amalfi coast on extensive meadows with access to the watering holes. In the pastures you can smell the salty, fresh air and feel the wind of the nearby sea. The animals can feed on fresh grass and herbs, which is also reflected in the taste of the buffalo meat. As a result, the Italian buffalo meat is much more tender, aromatic and flavorful.

Our German partners

With our German partners, we can also make a valuable contribution to organic farming. In this way, areas can be grazed that cannot be used by other animals and are also not suitable for arable farming. The water buffalo of our regional partners live outdoors all year round as far as the weather conditions allow. In the extensive pastures they feed on fresh grass and herbs, and from autumn on hay they produce themselves. In terms of taste, the buffalo meat is more likely to have a mild, slightly nutty note.

About our cattle

On the other hand, the cattle for our delicacies live in Memmingen in the Allgäu, where you have pastures as far as the eye can see and can also drink water directly from a beautiful stream spring. In the pastures there is not only fresh grass and hay but also wildflowers and herbs, which gives the heifer a unique taste. The Allgäu heifer is very tender and aromatic in taste.

We are proud

We are proud to be able to offer our customers in the upscale gastronomy, hotel and delicatessen retail, but also gourmets at home, this culinary sensation of unprecedented quality and naturalness and to work under the highest ethical standards in order to contribute to sustainable meat consumption in the long term.