friends recruit friends

If you are convinced of our products, you will certainly tell your friends about it all by yourself. But so that this is even more fun, we would like to give you something back!

It's that easy

1. You recommend us

Log into the customer account and generate your personal recommendation link in the Buffalo Coins overview. Share it with your friends and let them order over it.

2. Order your friends

Your friends can easily order via the generated link and receive a 10% discount on their first order. Orders will be linked to your link.

3. You'll get your discount

If we register orders via your link, you will receive your € 10 discount. You can easily find this in your Buffalo Coins account and apply it to your next order.

Conditions of participation "Friends advertise friends"

  • The discounts will only be granted if a new customer is sent to us via your link in Shop Shopping.
  • The discounts cannot be applied to the purchase of coupons.
  • The discounts can only be redeemed once and are assigned to the respective customer account.
  • The recommendation program works only through the way described above. Manual or subsequent assignment of orders is not possible for technical reasons.