Conscious grilling and enjoyment with Büffel Bill

Bewusster Grillen & Genießen mit Büffel Bill Sommer und Grillen gehören in Deutschland einfach zusammen wie Kino und Popcorn. Längst werden dabei aber nicht mehr nur die Standards wie Nackensteak, Bratwurst oder Hähnchenbrust aufgelegt – mittlerweile geht

In Germany, summer and barbecuing simply belong together like cinema and popcorn. For a long time now, however, not only the standards such as neck steak, bratwurst or chicken breast have been applied-now many grill fans are more conscious and sustainable. Delicious feta bags, crunchy vegetables and fresh salads as a side dish are increasingly finding their way into the culinary grill kitchen. And buffalo meat is also gaining popularity as a sustainable alternative. At Büffel Bill in particular, we regularly convince ourselves personally that our buffalo grow up stress-free and according to the highest standards. And it is precisely this species-appropriate attitude that is also reflected in the taste and quality.

The taste of buffalo meat

The very aromatic buffalo meat tastes unique and can be described as a mixture of game and beef. This distinctive taste is due to the natural diet and lifestyle of the buffalo. Our animals graze in large meadows and feed mainly on grasses, which is reflected in a characteristic aroma.

Differences between buffalo and beef

Although buffalo and beef may look similar at first glance, there are some important differences between the two types of meat:

  • Taste and texture: Our buffalo feed on fresh grass and herbs. In terms of taste, the meat is more likely to have a mild, slightly nutty note. The meat also tends to be leaner than beef and, due to its texture, is particularly suitable for grilling.
  • Nutrient content: Buffalo meat is rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals such as iron and zinc. Compared to beef, it contains less fat and calories, so it is a more conscious option for barbecue friends who pay attention to their diet.
  • Environmental friendliness: As a rule, keeping buffaloes is more environmentally friendly than cattle. Buffaloes require less water and food because they are natural grazing animals and live in extensive grazing areas. Through the constant exchange with our partners, we can guarantee, for example, that our buffalo are kept under the best possible living conditions. The animals stand outdoors all year round along the Amalfi Coast in extensive meadows with access to the watering holes. And the water buffalo of our regional partners also live outdoors all year round-as far as the weather conditions allow.

Buffalo Bill's range of products for the grill

We have a wide range of products that allow barbecue fans to fully enjoy the variety and taste of buffalo meat. Just order Our grill box Straight to your home and see for yourself the unique flavors and high quality.


The roast beef sits at the back of the buffalo's back and is the section from which the popular rump steak is cut. Typical of the rump steak is the fat lid, which should not be removed even when frying or grilling. As a result, the meat remains nice and juicy.

Filet Steaks:

Delicate and juicy fillet steaks are a highlight for every barbecue evening. The delicious pieces offer a natural taste experience and make the heart of every meat lover beat faster.

Buffalo sausages:

Who doesn't love a good grilled bratwurst? Buffalo Bill offers hearty buffalo sausages made from 100% buffalo meat. The unique taste of meat is underlined by a natural spice mixture of various herbs and rounded off with a typical Italian red wine.

Prime Rib Burger:

The juicy buffalo burgers are a delicious alternative to conventional beef burgers. The prime rib burger patties are made from the finest and hand-selected buffalo meat cuts such as rib-eye and roast beef, as well as fillet and hip. With a little cheese and fresh vegetable ingredients, the buffalo burger becomes a real taste experience.

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