Buffalo meat as a conscious alternative

Büffelfleisch als bewusste Alternative In der heutigen Zeit, in der Umwelt- und Gesundheitsbewusstsein eine immer größere Bedeutung erlangen, rückt eine gesunde Ernährung besonders in den Fokus: Ein hoher Gemüseanteil, reduzierter Zucker- und Kohlenhydrat

We at Buffalo Bill are aware of the responsibility and take the nutritional values Of our products Under the microscope. After all, not only the classics are like eggs or Dairy products Particularly protein, but also meat and fish are a popular source of protein. We rely entirely on buffalo meat here.

It all depends on the inner values

How do you say so beautifully? It depends on the inner values-and there can be Buffalo meat Let see. Due to its high nutrient content (including iron, zinc, vitamin B12 and B3), it is not only delicious, but also good for your own fitness. Because the various vitamins and minerals have a positive effect on blood formation, metabolism and the immune system. Added to this is the low fat content: for every 100 grams of buffalo meat, there are around 28 grams of protein and only around three grams of fat.

How much can it be?

Full of proteins, important vitamins and a pronounced taste: Buffalo meat is becoming a particularly attractive meat alternative with this range of good nutritional values. Then nothing can stand in the way of conscious nutrition, right? Not so fast: Because even the best foods can be enjoyed in moderation. After all, the secret of a balanced lifestyle lies in a balanced diet that consists of a Colorful mix Consists of vegetables, proteins and carbohydrates. Therefore, the German Nutrition Society advises controlled meat consumption, which, depending on the individual calorie requirement, should not exceed the weekly upper limit of 300 to 600 grams.

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