Heifer instead of heel

Färse statt Ferse

What the female cattle are all about

There's nothing better than a deliciousPot Roast, Steaming potato dumplings and a spicy red wine sauce. Which meat do we prefer to use for this? Of course, our tender heifer meat. Moment mal, was? Heifer meat?

Don't worry: if you think of your feet now, you are completely wrong. Because here the spelling makes the difference:
The term heifer-with a instead of e-describes cattle that are at least one year old and are still before the first calving. The female young animals are thus in the middle of the growth and development phase, which gives the meat very special taste advantages. We fromBuffalo BillOf course, we didn't want to miss it, and we simply added the heifers to our varied range.

But what exactly makes this meat so unique?

Finest meat flavor

Even at first glance, you can recognize the meat of the female cattle by the strong red color, which is due to the young age and the active growth phase. Because the muscle fibers are not yet fully developed and are therefore very thin and filigree, this is given a finer structure. And the fatty tissue is particularly fine and well distributed here-which not only contributes to the taste of the meat, but also ensures a juicy and delicate texture. To preserve this delicacy, as a rule, the heifer meat is matured for a shorter time and, unlike products from older animals, is less tough. These properties give the heifer meat a unique aroma that can score with its intense note.

The Lake Constance heifer

The right diet also plays a role for the delicacy of the meat-because this makes the marbling particularly fine and the taste even more intense. That is why we make sure that our heifers feed exclusively on natural feed, such as regional grasses and herbs. Because true toOur sustainability principleJust like our buffalo, we raise the female young in the best conditions.

Our heifers grow up in the picturesque region around the idyllic Lake Constance. Here, between extensive pastures and crystal clear water, we create an environment that enables our animals to be reared without stress and gently. Another point that has a lasting effect on the quality and taste of our Lake Constance heifer. Because from theHearty rump steakAboutAromatic goulashUp to theTender fillet This unique taste quality is reflected in all our heifer products-a culinary experience that is difficult to resist.

Well, got a taste for it? AllProducts from the BodenseefärseAnd fromBuffaloCan be discovered in our shop.

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