Cuts - Various cuts of buffalo

Cuts - Verschiedene Teilstücke vom Büffel Wo liegt eigentlich welches Steak? In diesem kleinen Fleischkunde Exkurs zeigen wir euch viele verschiedene Büffel Teilstücke – und was man damit am Besten macht. Wofür können die einzelnen Cuts verwendet werden?

Where exactly is which steak? In this little meat knowledge excursion, we'll show you many different buffalo cuts - and what's best to do with them.

What can the individual cuts be used for?

1 neck
The buffalo meat from the neck or throat is ideal for braising or roasting. However, it is also a good choice for grilled skewers or steaks.

2 shoulder
The buffalo shoulder offers very lean meat that can be used wonderfully for goulash or minute steaks. Braised in one piece, the buffalo shoulder also makes extremely tasty roast meat.

3 High rib
The rib eye, côte de boeuf and tomahawk steaks are cut from the high rib or the high loin with the famous fat eye. Ideal for quick frying or for the grill. Thick steaks can be grilled and then raised to core temperature in the oven.

4 transverse rib
Also known as Chuck Short Rib in the USA. Particularly aromatic and tender, it is ideal for braised dishes or for smoking.

5 chest
The brisket – more commonly known as brisket – is part of the “holy trinity” of American BBQ. It is traditionally cooked on the smoker for many hours at a low temperature.

6 roast beef
Cut fillet, roast beef, T-bone and porterhouse steaks from the roast beef or kidney piece:

The fillet (tenderloin) runs along the bottom edge between #6 and #8 and is exceptionally tender, juicy and lean. Buffalo fillet is exceptionally aromatic and can be prepared either in one piece or in medallions.

The roast beef with the classic fat cap can be prepared either in one piece or as a rump steak (Striploin Steak | New York Strip). The roast beef can be grilled or smoked whole and can also be used cold for sandwiches the next day.

T-bone and porterhouse steaks are made up of fillet and roast beef - separated by the characteristic T-shaped bone. Extremely aromatic and a classic for the grill.

7 belly
The belly or lempen - better known as flank steak - is lean and flavorful with comparatively longer fibers. The flank steak is less known in Germany and Switzerland, but is one of the absolute BBQ classics in the USA.

8 hips
The rump is a particularly tender and lean cut of the buffalo and, along with fillet, rib-eye and roast beef, is considered one of the finest cuts. Can be used in one piece for braising or frying. Thinly sliced, the buffalo rump can also be enjoyed as a sirloin steak or grilled skewer.

9 club
The club or the Stotzen is divided into the upper shell, the lower shell (also a round mock or semer roll) and a nut (also a ball). The pieces from the leg are great for stews, roasting, stewing or goulash. The upper shell is also used for schnitzel.

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