Buffalo meat - into the grilling season with a clear conscience

Büffelfleisch - In die Grillsaison mit gutem Gewissen Ganz egal, wo Sie gerade entlangspazieren, ob in der Stadt, in großen Parks oder im heimischen Garten – überall steigt Ihnen der Duft von frisch Gegrilltem in die Nase und Sie spüren dieses Kribbeln im

It doesn't matter where you are walking along, whether in the city, in large parks or in the garden at home-the smell of freshly grilled food rises in your nose and you can feel this tingling sensation in your stomach. With anticipation and… hunger. It's finally here, the good weather-time to think about the next shopping for a barbecue. We at Büffel Bill would like to recommend our water buffalo meat as an alternative.

Grilling is a tradition in Germany-87 percent of German citizens grill regularly. Steaks and pork sausages by far lead the statistics of the most popular grilled food. In recent years, however, pure meat grilling has changed, the trend continues to grill pleasure-refined salads, vegetable skewers, unusual desserts find their way onto the grill as well as high-quality meat.

The question of the right meat

What does your perfect barbecue evening look like? A long table stands richly covered in the green grass-freshly baked bread, summer drinks, a bright blue sky. You would like to serve your family and friends something very special now-a meal that can be enjoyed with a clear conscience. It is known that pork in particular can skyrocket cholesterol and around its hips. It's good that there is our alternative buffalo meat, which also tastes great.

Treat yourself to something-conscious food

Of course, it is correct that high-quality buffalo meat is a little more expensive than molded meat from the discounter or supermarket wrapped in plastic. Make yourself aware of your food-it is better to forego large amounts of meat and treat yourself and your loved ones to real quality from natural animal husbandry. So you can enjoy your barbecue evening to the full-with a clear conscience and a phenomenal taste experience.

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