Buffalo mozzarella – a handmade delicacy

Büffelmozzarella – eine handgemachte Delikatesse Bald steht sie wieder vor der Tür – die Urlaubszeit. Freuen Sie sich auch schon auf Ihren Ausflug nach Italien? Azurblaues Meer, ein traumhaftes Klima und natürlich das unvergleichliche Essen? Bis es so wei

Soon it will be around the corner again – the holiday season. Are you already looking forward to your trip to Italy? Azure sea, a fantastic climate and of course the incomparable food? Until then, you can easily bring the Italian flair to your plate - with our gourmet buffalo mozzarella from Campania. Since the late 16th century, the term delicacy has been established for exquisite things, today primarily dishes. These are selected with particular care, are not part of everyday life and are of particularly high quality - something that you treat yourself to. That's exactly what we at Büffel Bill want to offer you - delicacies of exquisite quality and exceptional taste.

Mozzarella di Bufala Campana DOP – Italian cheese art

Making mozzarella is still real craftsmanship. This is how the term itself came about - “mozzare” here means separating the individual pieces from the cheese mixture with the index finger and thumb. Buffalo mozzarella is one of the most famous and popular products of Campania, a region on the west coast of Italy. It is made from the fresh milk of the water buffalo cow, and the gentle, manual processing creates the unique aroma and fresh scent of the Mozzarella di Bufala Campana DOP. The buffalo mozzarella is marked with the DOP seal, which is a protected designation of origin that stands for a high standard in production, breeding and sales.

Big differences in Italian production facilities

Of course, there are many farms and pastures in Italy where water buffalo are kept. As in all industries, there are big differences here - in breeding, production, quality and, above all, in the ethical treatment of animals. Only a water buffalo cow can provide the rich buffalo milk as raw material for the production of the famous mozzarella. To do this, she has to calve at least once a year. About half of the buffalo calves are male. On many farms they are killed after a few days because they are unusable for mozzarella production and too expensive to raise. Unfortunately, the practice of “Crimitieri dei bufali” (English: buffalo cemeteries) is widespread; male water buffalo are simply disposed of in cruel and illegal ways. The organization Consorzio Tutela Mozzarella di Bufala Campana is trying to improve the living conditions of the animals, but given the general conditions in Italy it is sometimes very difficult.

Family-run factory as an exclusive partner at Büffel Bill

For us at Büffel Bill, the dignity of animals comes first - we want to make our contribution to ethical and sustainable mozzarella and meat consumption. After extensive research, we started looking for suitable partners ourselves and personally convinced ourselves on site that they met our high standards. In a small, family-run factory in the south of Italy, we found our DOP-certified exclusive partner who not only meets German quality standards, but also meets our personal requirements for animal welfare. The delicacy made here has been voted the best buffalo mozzarella in Italy several times and our customers also attest to its exquisite taste. You can easily recognize the high quality of a mozzarella by the fact that it is particularly creamy and has a slightly subtle acidity that is not noticeable.
Have you worked up an appetite? Then we would be happy to recommend one of our special water buffalo mozzarella recipes. Here you can enjoy summer delights.

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