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Together with our partners from “Insel Bier” we thought about what kind of beer would be suitable over a good buffalo rib eye until we came up with the idea that a buffalo beer was missing. Briefly thought about how it should taste and immediately decided that it had to be spicy, aromatic and unique.
So Thomas Bundschuh and we went out and collected hops and a huge amount of malt. Then things got down to business in the brewery.
The Caraamber malt in our craft beer is roasted several times to give it that dark amber color. “The Caraamber malt used comes directly from the lake, although we won’t say where exactly because that’s the secret of our beer.” said Thomas. Of course, we also asked what was the deciding factor for Insel Bier that made you see a collaboration between us.
Jules from Insel Bier then said directly:
“From the beginning there was a special bond between us and Büffel Bill, as it is important for both companies to work sustainably and regionally. Because the hops also come from the region."

The production of our Buffalo beer relies heavily on craftsmanship, which is why stocks are only available to a limited extent.
To explain it:
In the morning, before the beer is brewed, the hops have to be crushed first and then it goes into the brewing kettles. The brewing kettles are limited to 1000 liters, it is also brewed completely manually, which means that the master brewer is responsible for brewing between 8 and 9 Hours continuously at the machine. After brewing, the beer must first be stored at temperature for at least 4 weeks. The yield from 1000 liters of brewed beer until it is ready for bottling is then only 800 liters, which are then filled into barrels by hand at Insel Bier.

Conversely, it means: every bottle of our Büffel beer is hand-picked and involves many hours of work.

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