Our Buffalo partners from Germany

Unsere Büffel-Partner aus Deutschland Ethische AufzuchtbedinungenUnsere deutschen Partner achten darauf, die Büffel stressfrei und nach höchsten Standards zu behandeln. Diese Werte spiegeln sich in jedem Prozess von der Aufzucht bis zur Schlachtung wider.

Ethical Rearing Conditions
Our German partners make sure to treat the buffaloes stress-free and to the highest standards. These values are reflected in every process from rearing to slaughter. The water buffalo with its high intelligence, meek and social spirit fascinates and supports our partners in their project to produce sustainable products.

Ideal geographical and climatic conditions
The water buffaloes of our German partners live outdoors all year round, as far as the weather permits. They grow up surrounded by extensive pastures with access to waterholes and feed on fresh grass and herbs from their own meadows. From autumn onwards, a self-produced hay is added. Our water buffaloes can meet all their needs to the fullest through generous pastures, mud wallows, trees for scrubbing and shade as well as sufficient watering facilities. In case of heavy wetness or permafrost, a spacious playpen made of straw offers shelter for the buffaloes. As a side effect of buffalo farming, the animals naturally cultivate their habitat and thus contribute to the sustainable preservation of the natural balance of our ecosystem. Due to the animal's own excretion and thus organic fertilization of the animals, no additional mineral fertilizer is required on all areas. In addition, the CO² is thus trapped in the soil, which means that there is no burden on the environment. In addition, areas are grazed that cannot be used by other animals and are also unsuitable for agriculture. The buffaloes make a valuable contribution to organic farming.

Unique taste experience
The high-quality and selected diet of the German water buffalo creates the special taste and extraordinary tenderness of the meat. In particular, the aromatic herbs and wildflowers give this meat a unique touch. The rearing of our buffaloes is carried out according to strict guidelines, so that optimal conditions for the animals can be guaranteed. This is the only way to guarantee the unique taste and quality of the meat.

Nutrient-rich properties
In contrast to the widespread factory farming in cramped stables, our buffaloes enjoy a natural and free way of life. The animals are more resistant and less sensitive to diseases. The natural robustness of the buffalo makes it possible to completely dispense with the use of antibiotics. To ensure excellent quality, the buffalo feeds on fresh grasses and herbs. The exemplary diet of the buffaloes also makes concentrated feed and growth hormones superfluous. The result is meat that is not only unparalleled in taste, but is much healthier than comparable red meats.

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