Our Italian Buffalo partners

Unsere italienischen Büffel-Partner Ethische AufzuchtbedingungenUnsere italienischen Partner setzen hohe Priorität darauf, die Büffel stressfrei und nach höchsten Standards zu behandeln. Diese Werte spiegeln sich in jedem Prozess von der Aufzucht bis zur

Ethical rearing conditions
Our Italian partners put a high priority on treating the buffalo stress-free and to the highest standards. These values are reflected in every process from rearing to slaughter. Our partners strictly reject the widespread practices of Italian buffalo breeders to let male young animals perish because they are not useful for the production of buffalo mozzarella. As the first association of buffalo breeders, they are committed to the welfare of animals throughout Italy and offer both males and females a life under the highest quality standards. For us it is an admirable company with a role model.

Ideal geographical and climatic conditions
The farms in southern Italy are perfect for water buffalo farming: in a coastal town south of Naples in close proximity to the Mediterranean, our buffalo live outdoors all year round. In the pastures you can smell the salty, fresh air and feel the light wind of the nearby sea. Our buffalo grow up there surrounded by extensive meadows with access to watering holes and feed exclusively on fresh grass and Italian herbs. At night or in the cold, a shelter provides shelter for the buffaloes. As a side effect of buffalo breeding, the animals naturally cultivate their habitat and thus contribute to the sustainable preservation of the natural balance of our ecosystem.

Unique taste experience
Our Italian buffalo meat is also extremely tender and is characterized by its own, particularly aromatic taste. The high-quality diet and especially the aromatic, Italian herbs give this meat a unique touch. The rearing of our buffalo takes place according to very strict guidelines, so that optimal conditions can be guaranteed. During a tasting of this product, it immediately becomes clear that the high effort is reflected in the taste and quality.

Nutrient-rich properties
The natural and free way of life of the animals, which are at home 365 days in all weathers on spacious meadows, represents an absolute contrast to the nowadays widespread factory farming in narrow stables. Paired with the natural robustness of the buffalo, it is possible to avoid the use of antibiotics. The exemplary diet of the buffalo with fresh, Italian grasses and herbs also makes concentrated feed and growth hormones superfluous. The result is meat that is not only unparalleled in terms of taste.

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