Tender heifer meat: From Lake Constance to the star kitchen

Zartes Färsenfleisch: Vom Bodensee in die Sterneküche Die sommerliche Grillsaison ist zwar beendet, aber auf gutes Fleisch muss noch lange nicht verzichtet werden. Denn in der Welt von Büffel Bill offenbart sich eine unvergleichliche Vielfalt an zartem Fl

The summer grilling season may be over, but you don't have to go without good meat just yet. Because in the world of Buffalo Bill there is an incomparable variety of tender meat that is guaranteed to make your mouth water. No matter whether it's roast beef, minced meat or buttery fillet - with us you can expect products of the highest quality that promise an unforgettable taste experience with juicy enjoyment and fresh aromas. The culinary horizon can be expanded even further: from now on we also offer... our buffalo meat also beef heifer in our range. Their meat, characterized by fine marbling, not only impresses in terms of taste, but also proves to be a true all-rounder when prepared - even in starred cuisine.

Quality you can taste

But what makes the meat of female cattle so extraordinary? The secret lies in their breeding, because at Büffel Bill quality and sustainability go hand in hand. Our heifers are raised on the idyllic Lake Constance in a species-appropriate environment. Using natural feed ensures that the young animals receive the right nutrients right from the start. And you can taste this quality: careful rearing is what gives the heifer red meat particularly tender and juicy . And that's not all: thanks to the even distribution of fat and muscle, your meat has an even more intense and aromatic taste that makes gourmets' hearts beat faster.

Culinary highlights with the Lake Constance heifer

From hearty goulash above buttery tender fillet up to perfectly grilled steak – the versatility of heifer meat offers scope for your very own cooking creations. With its unique qualities, the Lake Constance heifer can also score points in upscale gastronomy: due to its tenderness and taste, the meat is suitable for a wide range of uses Preparation methods and menus. The high-quality heifer products are also processed into the finest premium dishes in the star kitchen. Together with the intense meat taste, aromatic spices and fresh ingredients such as potatoes, pickled cucumbers and the tenderly melting buffalo mozzarella The heifer meat becomes the star of the pan and impresses with every bite.

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