Buffalo Rib-Eye Caveman Style

Büffel Rib-Eye Caveman Style Direkt in der Glut gegrillte Rib-Eye Steaks vom argentinischen Büffel auf Sepia Pasta. Mit dem Büffel Rib-Eye Caveman Style beeindruckt man auch verwöhnte Gaumen! ZUTATEN für 3-4 PERSONEN: 2 Büffel Rib-Eye Steaks ca. 350g pro

Argentine buffalo rib-eye steaks grilled directly in the embers on sepia pasta. With the Buffalo Rib-Eye Caveman Style you can impress even the most sophisticated palate!


for 3-4 PERSONS:

  • 2 buffalo rib-eye steaks approx. 350g each
  • 400g sepia pasta
  • 2 tablespoons of a rub/spice mixture suitable for beef or buffalo
  • 3-4 tbsp good olive oil


Hardwood or good charcoal


  1. First, the grill is heated up properly; it is important to only use hardwood or good charcoal.
  2. In the meantime you can cook the pasta “al dente”. After cooking, the pasta is finally mixed with the olive oil and the rub or spice mixture and kept warm.
  3. Now a little effort is required, because when preparing “Caveman Style” you place the rib-eye steaks directly into the embers. However, nothing can happen because the coal is so hot that nothing sticks to the meat. If something sticks to the meat, you can simply knock it off when turning. When preparing “Caveman Style”, it is important to note that the steak reaches the desired core temperature of 56°C relatively quickly.
  4. After grilling, the rib-eye steaks should rest for 2-3 minutes. Then you can cut them into strips and arrange them on the noodles. The Buffalo Rib-Eye Caveman Style is ready.

Bon appetite!

Many thanks to BBQ world champion and food blogger Camillo “Don Caruso” Tomanek for the recipe and to Tobias Oehlke for the photography.

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