Stuffed buffalo fillet

Gefülltes Büffelfilet In diesem super leckeren Rezept erklärt euch BBQ Weltmeister Camillo „Don Caruso“ Tomanek wie man ein gefülltes Büffelfilet mit Bresaola, Mozzarella und Babyspinat zubereitet. ZUTATEN FÜR DIE FÜLLUNG: 100g Bresaola 75g Mozzarella 1 K

In this super delicious recipe, BBQ world champion Camillo “Don Caruso” Tomanek explains how to prepare a stuffed buffalo fillet with bresaola, mozzarella and baby spinach.



  • 100g Bresaola
  • 75g mozzarella
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • 1 shallot
  • 500g baby spinach


  • 1 buffalo fillet
  • Smokewood “Arran Whiskey” woodchips if a gas grill is available


  • olive oil
  • Salt



  1. Fry the bresaola until crispy and chill. Finally, fry the chopped garlic and shallot in the remaining fat (the garlic should not become too bitter, however).
  2. Now add the baby spinach and stir until it is soft, then it should be cooled as quickly as possible. Chop the cold spinach and mix with the bresaola and mozzarella.
  3. Spread the mixture on cling film, roll it into an elongated “stick” approx. 2 cm thick and freeze. The length doesn't matter because you can easily shorten it when frozen.


  1. First cut off the wide end of the buffalo fillet; you can use it to make delicious steaks, medallions or sliced ​​meat.
  2. Using a long and very sharp knife, cut lengthwise into the middle of the fillet, creating a slit for the filling.
  3. Now cut the filling to the right length and brush it with olive oil. Then carefully push the filling into the buffalo fillet and tie the open end of the fillet.
  4. In the next step, the thin tip of the fillet is folded over so that the fillet is as thick there as the rest of the part and finally tied shut.


Grill the prepared buffalo fillet and then cook it in the oven at 100°C until a core temperature of 56°C is reached. If you have a gas grill, you can also cook the fillet indirectly in the gas grill at 100°C to 56°C after grilling. A special smoky note can also be added with Smokewood “Arran Whiskey” woodchips.

Many thanks to BBQ world champion and food blogger Camillo “ Don Caruso ” Tomanek for the recipe and photography.

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