Summer, sun, bratwurst

Sommer, Sonne, Bratwurst

Redefine Bill Bratwurst with Buffalo

Fresh from the grill and a spicy taste: the classic bratwurst is simply part of the summer. That's why we have inBuffalo Bill Online Shop Now also differentBuffalo-based grilled sausagesTo discover. From the gloriousSpicy bratwurstAbout theJuicy buffalo crackerTo the seductive chiliCheese-BRATH sausageEvery grill fan gets a taste for it here. While the rust delicacies can convince in terms of taste even without everything, you can also get creative with the preparation. Bratwurst in the roll was yesterday-now let's try the grill classic in a completely different way.

Perfect for the barbecue party

Crisp sausages, juicy steaks and delicate skewers-when it comes to grilling, you can't go wrong with these products. So why not combine creatively? In addition, simply our irresistibleBuffalo BratwurstCut into small pieces and alternately with pieces of bell pepper andMozzarellaLayer on a skewer, grill and enjoy.

Thanks to its coarse texture, this delicacy unfolds a uniquely powerful flavor that is ideally complemented by fresh salad and crispy herb baguette. If you still have a few slices left here, you can simply put together a hearty portion of currywurst with the right ingredients. With spicy curry sauce and crispy french fries, this classic should not be missing at any summer party.

Cheesy pleasure

Fancy a little more poignancy? The fieryChili Cheese BrathwurstHas become an integral part of our range of grills. The incomparably juicy taste of the cheesy bratwurst is combined with crunchy coleslaw in hearty mayonnaise dressing, well-spiced sweet potato fries and a generous portionBBQ SauceTo the absolute summer highlight. The grill favorite can also be interpreted in a completely different way: Simply warm tortilla wraps, top with lettuce leaves and cut the fried chilli cheese BRATH sausages into small pieces and distribute them evenly on the tortillas. Then grated cheddar cheese, avocado slices and red onion are added before the whole thing is rounded off with a bit of salsa and sour cream. Here, a mild cheese taste and a spicy chilli note harmonize ideally with the fresh salad and the creamy avocado, so that this dish becomes a very special taste experience.

Crisp and spicy

Those who prefer to use sausage instead of bratwurst in summer come with oursBuffalo crackersAt his expense: With its strong, spicy taste, this classic can be combined particularly well with creamy potato salad. The sausage can also score as a hearty ingredient in the pasta salad: Simply cut it into small pieces and add it to the cooked pasta with paprika, zucchini and onion and withOlive oil,White wine vinegarAnd mix mustard. Add a little salt and pepper and finely chopped parsley and the summer pasta salad is ready.

Order now

Who would have thought that these classics could be combined so versatile? Now convince yourself of the unique Buffalo Bill taste and add an extra portion of spice to your summer barbecues. All of our sausage variants are now inOnline ShopAvailable-and with just a few clicks you can be at your home soon.

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