This is how every barbecue party becomes a success

So wird jede Grillparty zum Erfolg

Secure the Buffalo Bill garden speaker now

What would a summer weekend be withoutBarbecue party? Especially at the current temperatures, the tempting scent ofFreshly grilled meatAgain through the warm summer air and invites you to enjoy. No matter ifSpicy buffalo bratwurst,Juicy rump steakOrHearty burger-At Buffalo Bill, every barbecue lover gets a taste for it. Combined with oursFresh herbal pastesAnd variousGrill SößlenOur specialties come into their own and are combined with crunchy vegetables, delicious salads andCreamy buffalo mozzarellaTo the absolute summer highlight.

Here the music plays

At Büffel Bill there are not only the best ingredients for the grill, but also the right musical accompaniment: Because with oursLimited edition buffalo bill garden speakerEvery party will be a success.

Whether it's a cozy round at the garden table or a spontaneous picnic in the park-the waterproof jukebox is a must-have for the summer. With the associated earth spit, the loudspeaker in the classic Buffalo Bill design can be easily attached to the floor and is even charged via a solar panel in good weather-so that the upcoming barbecue parties never have to do without music. If the weather doesn't cooperate, the speaker can also be easily charged via a USB port. And the best: The 360 ° Surround garden speaker is now available as a gift from an order value of € 89-so that you can go next to ourDelicious meat specialtiesAlso enjoy summer sounds in the best quality.

Which delicacies-and summer songs-are on the program for the next barbecue evening? Let yourself be in ourOnline shopInspire and start the warmer months together with Buffalo Bill-for a summer of taste.

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