Appetizer plate-The art of presentation

Vorspeisenteller - Die Kunst der Präsentation

This makes the starter plate an eye-catcher

How do you say so beautifully? “The eye eats with you.” That's why we're withBuffalo BillImportant not only what is served on the plate, but also how it is presented. Not only main dishes can look good, but also theAppetizerCan score visually. Especially when it comes to the classicCheese-OrAntipasti platesIf you go, the individual ingredients can be placed in a particularly beautiful and decorative way-so that your mouth water just when you see the starter plate.

The right ingredients make the difference

Spicy cheese, pickled vegetables andFinest meat delicaciesTo an incomparable taste experience. Whether on a rustic wooden board, a generous plate or in several small bowls-gourmets can let their creativity run free when putting together and placing the individual elements. The art is to find the perfect balance and decide which ingredients harmonize best with each other. A diverse arrangement on the plate enables each guest to try all the delicacies and combine them in different variations. A little tip: The starter plate works best when there are no gaps, but the different ingredients seamlessly merge into one another. This can be done in particularSmaller ingredientsSuch as nuts, grapes or cheese cubes, place well between the larger elements.

Mediterranean plate

If you like it classic Italian, we recommendSoft buffalo mozzarella, Parmesan and spicyHam-AndSalami slicesTo arrange together on the plate. This goes well with olives, artichokes and tomatoes pickled in oil, stuffed peppers and crispy ciabate bread or breadsticks that are placed around the larger ingredients. There are plenty of options for dippingCreamy pesto, Aioli orOlive oilTo,Which are best placed in the middle of the buffet. The whole thing is rounded off by basil leaves or thyme branches, which are decoratively distributed between the individual components.

Fresh and fruity

For a French version of the starter plate, an arrangement with mild Camembert, delicately melting Brie, is recommended,Smoked buffalo bresaola,Fresh grapes and crunchy pear slices. This goes well with salted crackers and crispy baguette, which together with a fruity fig jam, mustard or oneSpicy wild garlic pasteComplete the taste experience. Then just add nuts and herbs-et voilà.

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