Winter grilling: Buffalo burger with porcini mushrooms and cranberry mayonnaise

Wintergrillen: Büffel - Burger mit Steinpilzen und Preiselbeermayonnaise Wintergrillen: alles für perfekt gegartes Fleisch trotz Schnee und Kälte: Lassen Sie sich nicht abschrecken. Auch zu Silvester oder einfach nur für den Abend mit Freunden oder der Fa

Winter grilling: everything for perfectly cooked meat despite snow and cold:

Don't be put off. You can also fire up the grill on New Year's Eve or just for an evening with friends or family. Just follow our tips and be inspired by our recipe ideas - nothing will stand in the way of winter grilling.

Winter grilling – hot coal despite the cold:

Neither cold temperatures nor snow or sub-zero temperatures are a reason to always turn on the stove and avoid the grill. Even in winter, you can heat charcoal, light the gas flame, and place grilled food on the grate. Meat and vegetables prepared outside and enjoyed inside.

Winter grilling is not only easily possible, it turns a cozy evening with friends into a small event.
Just be sure to wrap up warmly, avoiding bulky scarves and clothing.
Both could catch fire.


Then, if necessary, clear the grill of snow and ice, do not leave it open for too long when it is heated up, and thus retain the heat more effectively. If you use a charcoal grill, briquettes are suitable for winter grilling as they generate the necessary heat for longer. So nothing stands in the way of juicy beef sirloin steak, buttery Italian buffalo rib eye steak or delicious buffalo burgers with a hearty grilled aroma, even during the colder months - maybe even at Christmas.

Buffalo burger with porcini mushrooms and cranberry mayonnaise



4 patties gourmet or premium, approx. 20% fat content
100g mayonnaise
2 tbsp cranberry jam
150 g porcini mushrooms
2 tbsp rapeseed oil
4 slices of Taleggio cheese
100 g lamb's lettuce
4 ciabatta rolls

Mix the cranberry jam with the mayonnaise.
Clean the porcini mushrooms and cut them into slices approx. 0.5 cm thick.
Wash and dry the lettuce.
Halve the rolls lengthwise.

The grill for direct/indirect Heat (200°C) prepare.
Brush the patties lightly with oil on one side and then on the oiled side about 3 minutes Grill, turn over and do the same with the other side. Place the patties indirectly and heat the grill plate.
Put some oil on the grill plate and briefly fry the porcini mushroom slices. Meanwhile, place the cheese slices on the burgers.
Grill the rolls on the cut surface.
The burgers are ready as soon as one Core temperature of 68°C is reached.

Spread the bottom half of the rolls with mayonnaise, add some lamb's lettuce on top, followed by the patties and porcini mushrooms.
Close with the second half of the bun.

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